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”Katarina, Katarina – look outside”. My eyes flicker, I try to get them to focus but have a hard time seeing anything. It is 7 o´clock and as always Martin jumped out of bed earlier than me. I manage a ”What is it?” looking up and seeing his face staring out the window, continuing ”Is it snow?”. A small ”yes” form on his lips. 


Stepping out of bed looking out wakes me up immediately and I hop out into the garden (dressed only in my pyjamas and my fake fur) by pure excitement. I look over my shoulder to see if a neighbour is watching me. When secure I shoot some photos of the small snowflakes coming down on my parents garden. Squeeky snow builds on the grass and I smile, happy that winter finally is here.


There is something magical about the snow. Some don´t like it at all, but I think if I didn´t get to experience it every year I would miss it. I have never missed a year with snow! How odd to think about it. Last year we spend 3 months in Peru, but that was after 2 months with lots of snow in Grythyttan.

winter-4 winter-5 winter-6

After some breakfast and blogging Martin and I head out for a walk in the snow. I wear my new shoes that I bought this week in Västervik during Christmas sales. We walk towards Uvgölen, a small forest lake close to where I grew up and meet my aunt and cousins child out on a winter ride. We have a stop and eat some lussebullar and drink coffee before we continue.

winter-7 winter-8

winter-9 winter-11 winter-10 winter-13 winter-12

I am still at my parents, heading home to Stockholm today.


To see other winter photos from my hometown Gullringen check out – Christmas Day – cool winter weather and a late Christmas tree.

winter-14 winter-15



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