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Would say that I am tired, but that is a understatement..

Will post some more photos taken by Ulrica Hanson when I get them. Is is basically all I have from the big party. After that, there where no more photography for me. Had no time..


Photos by me, Karin Johansson and Carlos Benitez. Editing done by me. Canon 5 D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens.


HH7A8364 HH7A8382 HH7A8394 HH7A8395 HH7A8406 HH7A8411 HH7A8420 HH7A8422 HH7A8423 HH7A8430 HH7A8431 HH7A8433 HH7A8434 HH7A8435 HH7A8439 HH7A8442 HH7A8443 HH7A8447


  1. It was obviously a WONDERFUL party ! – it’s going to take you forever to get through unwrapping and looking at all those beautiful gifts, to start with – once you have recovered … 😀
    Did you Mum get as much enjoyment out of it as you did, I wonder ?
    I’m glad you had such a terrific 30th, Katarina: mine was utterly forgettable, and I regret that.

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