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Celebrating my 30 years on earth.

This weekend my mother and I are having our 30+60 year birthday. Created this invitation in Illustrator to send out us an invite and it was send to friends and family late May. What do you think of it? And no, sorry, this doesn´t mean that your invited. But if you insist, you can always ask! 😉

Now we are heading back to Småland, around a four hour drive. But first som chocolate cake!

See you in the end of the weekend with some birthday photos! The party is tomorrow..



  1. Katarina, I wish you a wonderful birthday party, and – what I originally wanted to say – I absolutely love your clothing style! Can you mention what brand it is and where you bought it when you are posting pics of you?

    • On the photo I have a dress handmade for me from orkanlia in Stockholm. It is a friend who started a company after studying creating clothes. It is in second hand fabric. 🙂 the necklace is from a brand I think is called odd bird. It is made from silk fabric in India 🙂 thank you for you comment. Will try to remember this in the future! 🙂

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY you beautiful creature !! – and the same to your wonderful mama !!! You are a pair of feisty ladies, and I hope your party is an absolute ripper !!! I have already given you my present. [grin]

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  5. Aha, jag har inte missat att gratta då ni firade i förväg! Hoppas att ni hade en jättelyckad fest!

    • Nej det har du inte! 🙂 Ja precis. Det blir i oktober sen. Vet inte om jag flaggar så mycket för det här, men kul är det ändå allt med fest!

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