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A Bergslagen wedding – Linnea and Alexander

A spring wedding in Bergslagen Two weeks ago on the second of May a spring wedding took place in Bergslagen in the county of Örebro, the wedding between Linnea and Alexander, two active dancers from Nora. I met with Linnea and Alexander the first time in February, discussing the plans for their spring wedding. At that time, spring seemed far off talking about what to come, in the dark February evening. As a photographer a wedding is a big event, so big that a lot of photographers doesn´t even want to shoot it. A good thing then, I am brave. Well, the night before I must say I was a bit nervous and when thinking back as I told the couple when handing over their photos yesterday, ”I don´t remember a bit from the actual ceremony”. Maybe I was focused, maybe I was nervous, who knows. But I do remember the feeling, the atmosphere when the couple came out from the church, laughing, hugging their loved ones, dancing and the color of the cake. And that …

Taking a wrong turn- Tre sjöars väg

Today at work I headed for a meeting in two other towns, namely Nora and Lindesberg.  Between Nora and Lindesberg you can take a road that has a brown sign with a white flower to mark it out, kind of extraordinary and something me and Martin discussed more than once. Whats with this sign?! Googling when getting back home from work today it turns out that the road is called Tre sjöars väg, ”the three lake road”, due to the fact that it passes three lakes. You can start your trip by on Tre sjöars väg either at Bergslagsporten ( lay-by/ rest- place by riksväg/ mainroad 50 north of Örebro) or in Fanthyttan and ride along three lakes, Norasjön, Fåsjön and Usken. Along this road you can follow the iron history of Bergslagen, and see Bergsmansgårdar (country estates, not sure of the translation) as well as mines, foundries and smithys, in the company of fantastic nature. A small travel tips for the person living in Bergslagen or for the tourist who just took a wrong …

Vikers church

After work I headed of to meet a couple whos wedding I am going to shoot later this year. We talked about their plans for an hour and had some coffee. Before heading to them I took a trip to the church where they are going to get married. When I was there, the sun was setting and well, you can actually tell a difference inbetween the arriving photo and the photo I shot when leaving just having been there for fifteen minutes or so. Might be the settings of the camera, might be the light 🙂 Vikers kyrka/ church is happily situated inbetween Nora and Karlskoga in Västmanland Sweden, close to the lake Vikern. The church is from 1871, made of stone and holds some art from local Örebro artists. I will most likely go back some time in april to check the church out inside, spot some nice photospots and shoot some test photos of the couple. Katarina

Tree over lake.

During work today I shot of a tree hanging over the lake when passing walking with my colleague. Some views just catch your eye, so did this to me. There is something special with trees hanging over lakes, don´t you agree? Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, Canon 40mm f2.8 lens

A foggy week.

This week has been extremely foggy. This photo was taken yesterday when I was walking from the bus to work. Look at the churchtower, the fog lies so thick that the tower barely can be seen even though the photo is taken 9 o´clock in the morning. How odd and how amazing a day. Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens, editing in Lightroom.

A shocking (photo)- discovery.

Discovered an amazing store in the city Nora at my lunchbreak today. How cool isn´t this? Apparently the guy who has the store, Fotocentralen have gotten a lot of old cameras throughout the years, from his customers. I just stood there shocked. I finally got a hold of some film for my old camera though, well in this store of course. Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 50 mm Canon lens, lightroom.


Tired of my livingroom color (beige) and decided to repaint. While the paint was drying we went to Nora Brasserie for lunch. What do you think about the result? Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens and 50 mm Canon lens.