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Taking a wrong turn- Tre sjöars väg

Today at work I headed for a meeting in two other towns, namely Nora and Lindesberg.  Between Nora and Lindesberg you can take a road that has a brown sign with a white flower to mark it out, kind of extraordinary and something me and Martin discussed more than once. Whats with this sign?! Googling when getting back home from work today it turns out that the road is called Tre sjöars väg, ”the three lake road”, due to the fact that it passes three lakes.

You can start your trip by on Tre sjöars väg either at Bergslagsporten ( lay-by/ rest- place by riksväg/ mainroad 50 north of Örebro) or in Fanthyttan and ride along three lakes, Norasjön, Fåsjön and Usken. Along this road you can follow the iron history of Bergslagen, and see Bergsmansgårdar (country estates, not sure of the translation) as well as mines, foundries and smithys, in the company of fantastic nature.

A small travel tips for the person living in Bergslagen or for the tourist who just took a wrong turn from mainroad 50, a beautiful wrong turn where you can brush up on your iron history a little as well as enjoy a road with a lot of curves.



Tre sjöars väg

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