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Canon 5D Mark iii, 50 mm Canon lens (all), lightroom

HH7A6317 HH7A6323 HH7A6337 HH7A6349 HH7A6350 HH7A6355 HH7A6360 HH7A6364 HH7A6396 HH7A6398 HH7A6414 HH7A6420 HH7A6434 HH7A6449 HH7A6459 HH7A6468 HH7A6476 HH7A6478 HH7A6480 HH7A6482 HH7A6489 HH7A6499 HH7A6502 HH7A6504 HH7A6509 HH7A6516 HH7A6517 HH7A6523 HH7A6547 HH7A6549


  1. SUPER photos, Katarina ! 🙂 I see that Nora is east of Stockholm and west of Karlstad, so pretty central in terms of being land-bound. But it’s a really attractive place … Lucky you to have a whole summer to travel about finding your country’s best secrets !

    • Well. I work in Nora sometimes, and live very close and yes, it is in between Karlstad and Stockholm in the area Bergslagen, that is famous for it´s mining etc. But it is west of Stockholm and east of Karlstad. East of Stockholm is the Baltic then Finland and then Russia. haha 😉

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