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A Bergslagen wedding – Linnea and Alexander

A spring wedding in Bergslagen

Two weeks ago on the second of May a spring wedding took place in Bergslagen in the county of Örebro, the wedding between Linnea and Alexander, two active dancers from Nora.

I met with Linnea and Alexander the first time in February, discussing the plans for their spring wedding. At that time, spring seemed far off talking about what to come, in the dark February evening.

As a photographer a wedding is a big event, so big that a lot of photographers doesn´t even want to shoot it. A good thing then, I am brave. Well, the night before I must say I was a bit nervous and when thinking back as I told the couple when handing over their photos yesterday, ”I don´t remember a bit from the actual ceremony”. Maybe I was focused, maybe I was nervous, who knows.

But I do remember the feeling, the atmosphere when the couple came out from the church, laughing, hugging their loved ones, dancing and the color of the cake. And that is true. With great effort and focus I shot photos that I hope the couple and their friends will enjoy for a long time, taking with me an amazing experience with color, laughter and dance imprinted on my memory.



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  1. These are amazing. I scrolled through every one and not a poor shot anywhere. I would happily have had you as our wedding photographer. For a first wedding or a 30th wedding gig these are top class. I bet the bride and groom are delighted. They should be.

    • Thanks 🙂 Yes, I did alright I think. I am very happy with the photos I must say. Almost never missed a shot acutally so they are sharp and good quality all of them. So yes, very happy! I was exhausted the day after though..

  2. This is … BRILLIANT ! I can say without a second’s hesitation that this is the nicest collection of a gallery of photos from any wedding that I’ve ever seen, Katarina ! I enjoyed it enormously; and I can only assume that your clients were equally thrilled.
    Congratulations ! – it couldn’t have been better.

    • Thanks m-r. Yes I am sure they are happy. I am very happy at least and thanks for the much warming comment 🙂 good way to start the day with these nice words 🙂

      • I’m perfectly sure you could make a living out of being a wedding photog., Katarina – except that you don’t want to. There are so many more things, as well, to fill your lenses … 🙂

          • You could do it if you wanted to. I am in NO doubt about that ! Linnea’s and Alex’s enthusiasm for your work would easily get you the next one that word of mouth allowed; and once you had two brilliant EPICS under your belt you’d be, as we say, home and hosed ! 🙂

          • FANTASTIC !!! I am so thrilled for you, Katarina ! – but also for the lucky young people whose weddings you will shoot ! Now that they can see what you did with L & A, they must be absolutely thrilled. 😀

          • Anyone who’s seen L & A’s gallery knows. Truly, it’s the best set of wedding photos I’ve ever seen – and don’t forget how old I am !!!

          • They are totally unusual. The story is there, with the timeline clear; but it is comprised not only of truly marvellous quality photographs, but excitement that builds. And as Joanne says, you seem to be everywhere !
            Do you want to know my very favourite ? – it might disappoint you.
            It’s the shot of the pair of them standing on the path leading to the church, hand in hand, backs to camera. There is an entire story in just that shot.

          • Thanks. No I like several of the photos and yes I think some of the photos tell a story of their own. 🙂 it is meant to be a story 🙂 thanks. I am so glad you like them 🙂 🙂

  3. Bra jobbat! Mååånga bilder att se, men intressant för en annan ”fotograf” att fundera och beundra…Så de unga nygifta är dansare..och är vän med en av domarna i TV 4 let´s dance… visst är det Dermot …som syns på en del av bilderna…

    • Du har helt klart gissat rätt dan! 🙂 de är dansare hela bunten. Fantastiska sådana 🙂 tack så mycket för den fina kommentaren 🙂

  4. What a wonderful mix of photos … they are so beautifully done. You must have had wings on your feet because you seem to be EVERYWHERE!!

      • The most striking for me was seeing all these photos in the front of the chapel and then suddenly you were looking down from the choir balcony … a wonderful photo.

        … and then all these up close and personal photos, then suddenly you’re in the crowd with a photo of someone’s camera taking a photo. They’re just so many wonderful candid shots 🙂

  5. I feel indeed privileged to be allowed a little peek into this couple’s special day. How very swedish!!! Lovely photos that will bring the couple happy memories for years to come!

    • It is especially swedish? didn´t think about that. Glad you liked them! Yes, they married in a Swedish church at least 🙂 and well, the staff in the evening maybe had a little swedish styled clothes 🙂

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