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Hotel Octarna in Kromeriz in the Czech republic

Second night in the Czech Republic we stayed in a small red beautiful Parisian style hotel in Kromeriz. The atmosphere reeked of love and was my favorite hotel during the whole trip just because of the style.

To get a good view of the romantic atmosphere, take the virtual tour here.

The hotel of Octarna is built on a former Franciscan convent from the 17th century. The monastery later turned into a military bakery and then a vinegar factory.


hotel_octarna_kromeriz-8 hotel_octarna_kromeriz-9

Except for wonderful decor the hotel also have a restaurant, relax centre, do weddings and more. Daniella and I peaked through the door to shoot the photo of the cute balcony in the photo above, giggling and discussing our blogging and photos.

hotel_octarna_kromeriz-10 hotel_octarna_kromeriz-11 hotel_octarna_kromeriz-12 hotel_octarna_kromeriz-13 hotel_octarna_kromeriz-14 hotel_octarna_kromeriz

To read more about what to do in the city of Kromeriz check out The colorful hoses in the city of Kromeriz and the castle garden in Kromeriz.


Thanks to Czech tourism for arranging the trip and thanks to Nicoline for shooting the photo of me!


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