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Flippin Burger, Urban Deli and a graffiti release party

The cute design of the place is the first thing that my brain registrates. Crowded, American beer, Open kitchen, is the second, third and forth.

To get here Martin and I have taken the subway from Mörby and then changed to bus to Odenplan. From Odenplan it is walking distance. On the way, we see a chef sitting in front of a restaurant smoking and Martin comments, ”isn´t there a backyard the guy can sit at?”

It is Saturday and we are on the way to meet Oskar and Sara, two work colleagues of Martin and have a burger at Flippin Burger. I´ve heard of the place before, it has gotten tons of recommendations, so when arriving my expectations are sky high. So how ´Flippin´ was Flippin Burgers really? And for a veggie like me?


flippin burger-5

I am sad to say that I was a bit disappointed. The burger was great (bean – burger – love), but I, the queen of the side order, just ordered a burger and though that some kind of side thingy automatically would have come, or at least been suggested by the waiters. That was not the case.

Afterwards I read the menu and the about page on the homepage though which made me a bit embarrassed by the above statement. There is suppose to be no fuss. I guess that a side order is a bit of a fuss. Anyway, what I lost by no side order I gained in time. I don´t think we had to wait even ten minutes for the burger.

Me, Martin, Martins work colleagues Oskar and Sara then took an uber and headed for Urban Deli Nytorget on Södermalm. There we had some prosecco and some more beer (Martin and maybe Oskar).

odenplanflippin burger-2


Fancy design, cute statements and oysters. Urban Deli is everything you need it to be.

The concept of Urban Deli isn´t anything strange for anyone living in Stockholm. Not for me either since the dear boyfriend and bff works there. So far I love it. And how could I not? Have been to Sveavägen and the Nytorget restaurant. Had prosecco at one and played ping-pong at the other.

urban deli nytorget

urban deli nytorget-2

The cute rabbit is found on the floor of Urban Deli Nytorget. I had my sweater with rabbits printed on. Perfect.

urban deli nytorget-5urban deli nytorget-6

Oscar and Martin. Not sure what they are doing. Having a seizure at the bar?

urban deli nytorget-11

urban deli nytorget-12 urban deli nytorget-13

urban deli nytorget-17 urban deli nytorget-18

The night ended with a quick stop at a release party for a graffiti magazine in Stockholm. There is not much graffiti here, is it? Or, well, wait. Just walking home passing Folkungagatan, we saw some of course, like an answer to our prayers.

A quick tips if you have some time and money over – head for Urban Deli on Sveavägen or Nytorget to buy some fabulous cheese and olives and go home, eat, pray, go back and buy some more. If you have a lot of extra cash, go to the restaurant and order oysters and love. Enjoy.



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