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The colorful houses in the small town Kromeriz

The small town of Kromeriz in Moravia I visited during my short trip to the Czech Republic in October. The town, even though small, made a big impression on me, due to all the different colors. The colors of the flowers in the city centre and the color of the houses, a variety of pastell colors as pink, yellow and green. Why all this color me and Daniella (one of my travel mates) asked ourselves?


I don´t know if there is a correct answer to the question but the colors are something that makes the area of Moravia in the Czech republic to stand out from the crowd.

The town is from the 13th century and have been plundered by Swedes more than once!

In Kromeriz we got to spend one day and I have some tips from only one day.

Take a walk through the centre and adore the colorful buildings

The city is so small that is is possible to walk everywhere in the city. With a camera all small towns can be fun but with amazing color on the houses it is easy to keep busy.



Head to the main attraction – the archbishops castle and the castle garden

Not only beautiful but also one of the Czech Republics 11 sites on the world heritage list. The castle and the garden must be visited. Admire the garden, as beatuiful as Versaille, but not very heard of. Keep busy in the labyrinths and with the view from the balcony. To see more photos of the castle garden – check out my post ”the castle garden in Kromeriz”.



Have a coffee and dinner on the square

After a couple of hours in the castle garden a coffee and some Czech pastry is well deserved. On the square you have both a coffee- shop with cute art and pastry as well as a microbrewery and restaurant. Why not make it an entire evening of beer and pastry fun?



I hope you enjoy your stay in Kromeriz.

Thanks to Czech tourism for arranging the trip.



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