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My first summer as thirty something.

This is my first summer as 30 something. Not my last summer as 20 something..

This is what I want to do this summer. The official list.

1. Walk with my bare feet on the beach near-by Grythyttan. With black nailpolish. Black nailpolish is important. I surely love my wooden shoes as well, I have already started to wear them for the season so I also want to use my wooden shoes as much as possible.





2. Have a barbecue at the square and stay out late

I must admit that my best feature isn´t to stay out late. All my youth I used to fall asleep early, around 22, even at party´s. Ask my friends. Nowadays when on vaccation I tend to turn the day into night and the night into day, which I like. I love to be up and go to sleep at 4 o´clock in the morning, and then later drag my ass out of bed at 10 o´clock barely managing to open my eyes in the morning light. On the other hand I also love to be up early and out and about with my camera. That on the other side, rarely happens.






3. Go on weird festivals and freeze my feet off as I did when I was a teenager

I think I might not do that this year since me and Martin is moving to Stockholm, but last year I attended two festivals, the Hayride festival in Hultsfred and Way Out West. I managed to see a lot of bands I love as Icona Pop and Veronica Maggio and I enjoy thinking about those experiences. Maybe we will see some bands playing during our backpacking trip, maybe not.



4. Eat moule frites  with aioli and fries every day

Last year we went to Nora Brasseri, that closed after the summer and hasn´t re-opened. They had the best moule frites ever. When in France during fall I had them again and during Akademisk högtid, the event that the students hosted in February. I think I remember everytime I had moule frites. Is that a bit too much? No?!


5. Always be ready with a table like this one.

During the summer the photos turn out more great than during other times of the year. You always have to struggle with light etc during winter and during fall it rains and tend to be grey and dull. First week in october has pleasant weather but the rest of fall, not so much. I was so glad when I shot this photo, it was during the swedish holiday Midsummer and I was at my summercabin with my mother, with my cousin and his child and my aunt.


6. Learn to eat cherries. Everybody seems to love them but I don´t. But they look so good though!

I think I shot photos of all the cherries I saw last summer, thinking that I should learn to eat them. Instead I eat the fake candy cherries and the candid cherries in drink. Why don´t I like the originals then?


Well, that is about it. This is my first summer as 30 something and I have high expectations, hoping that I have the energy to spend it with friends, to go to some party´s at least, and some events. Of course I will have my vacation and spend it by traveling through Europe, to Iceland and to Gotland. Gotland you might remember from last summer, a new favorite place of mine, specially intrigued by the Medieval atmosphere there.



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