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Lensbaby Composer Pro Sweet 35

This weekend we had fantastic weather. I where out and about and shot some photos of my lenses in the sun. The Lensbaby lens was next to be portraid. I have had this lens since fall and have shot several photos with this little special effects lens, the only one I have.

The Lensbaby lenses are special lenses that have selective focus, which means that you can turn/ or ”bend” the lens and focus on certain points in the picture, creating different effects depending on how much you turn and how much apperture you choose. The apperture is switched manually on the lens and the focus is only manual. The bigger the apperture (low f value), the greater effect.

This lens works both for landscape and portraits but certainly is at its best when having one object to focus on. It is easy to handle and fairly easy to focus and ”bend”. A fun little, slightly expensive toy, for the summer camera bag.



lensbaby_composer_pro_sweet_35-2 lensbaby_composer_pro_sweet_35-3 lensbaby_composer_pro_sweet_35


Pics taken with the lensbaby:







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