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Exploring Bergslagen – Mossgruvan

Me and Martin has been out and about today, doing some urban exploration. The notion of urban exploration might be new to someone but shortly it means, to explore a man-made object, often ruins or abandoned areas.

This is a newly found interest of mine due to my photo project and I have posted posts before – Stripa

Mossgruvan is a former mining village in the municipality of Ljusnarsberg in Västmanland (County of Örebro). I live in the county, so have about an hour by car to get to the two old mines in Mossgruvan, Sköttgruvan and Mossgruvan- mines. The two mines where found in the 1870´s and run to 1972, first started by SKF and culminating inbetween the years 56 to 58 (post-war times), by then owned by Hofors Bruk. Due to the prices of iron/ and the stone on the world market, the ability for Mossgruvan to compete vanished and the mine closed down by 72.

The area is nostalgic in so many was. The buildings in the village are a remaining of the great times in the 50´s. Mossgruvan mine is an architect drawn mine that was created by the architect Gustaf Lettström in 1948 (By that time Mossgruvan was owned by Svenska Kullagerfabriken). Sköttgruvan looks like a typical building from the 50´s and inside a lot is still there like toilettes/ electric lines/ paint and a lot of garbage that you wonder how it ended up in there like old car furniture etc.


Where the village Mossgruvan end the road split into three different direction. To the right you have Sköttgruvan and straight ahead you have Mossgruvan mine. Today when we where there (October) the weather was wet and we turned right and found Sköttgruvan. We later met another urban explorer by the name Joakim Bjarnestam who had come all the way from Stockholm to explore Bergslagen. He told us that the road straight ahead where the other mine was located was filled with water, so instead we walked together with him to Mossgruvan from Sköttgruvan.

Being filled with water Mossgruvan wasn´t possible to enter this time but we will probably go back to explore more and climb the tower of Sköttgruvan, today I was to much of a coward.

Other more famous urban explorers

Mossgruvan have been visited by some urban explorers before and Jan Jörnmark, might be the most famous one but also Jakob Ehrensvärd.

Enjoy the pics guys!


Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens and editing done in Lightroom.


HH7A2578 HH7A2582


HH7A2583 HH7A2600 HH7A2604 HH7A2610 HH7A2638 HH7A2648 HH7A2649 HH7A2657 HH7A2662 HH7A2682 HH7A2692 HH7A2698 HH7A2720 HH7A2734 HH7A2738 HH7A2757 HH7A2787

MossgruvanHH7A2808 HH7A2810 HH7A2813 HH7A2816 HH7A2820 HH7A2841 HH7A2856 HH7A2857



HH7A2869 HH7A2873


    • Yes and no. The bottom windows of the Mossgruva was sealed of but it was also filled with water so not possible to enter. The other mine on the other hand was not blocked at all.

  1. Intressant serie. Allt förfaller bara. Det är synd och skam.
    Hade du vågat gå runt där ensam också?
    Jag har också några bilder som jag ska visa nästa vecka. Någongång.

      • Jag var bara inne i två såna övergivetställe. I båda var jag bara själv. Höll på att dö av min egen skräck.

          • Samtidigt är så himla löjligt för vem skulle egentligen vara där?
            Men jag är rädd i en mörk rum också. I samma mörka rum där innan ljuset var tänd. Fånigt är ju bara förnamnet. Men likaväl fånigt.

          • Ja men visst är det och min fotolärare pekade ut att där det är ödsligt finns ju ingen, så det är konstigt att man är rädd där, men det är oftast där man är rädd, där det är lägst chans att det händer något..

  2. Härlig bildserie. Det var länge sedan jag var till Mossgruvan. Kul att se att byggnaderna inte är rivna. Jag har släkt som bor i Malma, husen som ligger strax innan samhället Mossgruvan.
    Som sagt, grymt härlig bildserie.

  3. The images are wonderful and wonderfully depressing, Katarina ! The text I did not read: I could not, because of that animated .gif of the Eiffel Tower. It makes reading impossible for me.

      • That’d be MUCH better, me old china … Not next to anything we need to spend time on. TA !!!!

    • Now I have fixed it so please read. It is about Mossgruvan and urban exploring. Mossgruvan is a symbol for the greatness of the after world war ii times here in Sweden before countries with big mines (as australia or other) came to rule the world market and left the Swedish countryside to vanish slowly.

      • And I did ! – many thanks, darlin !!! Imagine someone coming from Stockholm ! – it can’t have been the easiest journey … It seems this urban exploration is a growing interest, yes ?

  4. I love your pictures – especially the perspective looking up at the mine shaft. There is something very interesting and adventurous about exploring abandoned buildings.

    I developed an interest in urban exploration several month ago, but find it is virtually impossible to get near abandoned sites or areas under re-development anywhere near Toronto. I’m less interested in the idea of break-and-enter in order to get in like some explorers do.

    • No I am not interested in breaking in either. But where I live in manu cases they have just left the buildings as it is and skipped locking them up. i love it and will explore more. This was a concrete building so less risk of the building collapsing but older ( before 40s) is of wood and in some cases in real bad condition and in some made into tourist attractions..

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