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First day with granntanter in Paris

As declared before this trip is a prearranged trip by, Camilla Thulin och Karina Ericsson- Wärn, who run the blog Granntanter is two ladies with lot of knowledge about fashion and style in general, Camilla with the roots from Beckmans (a school of fashion design) and Karina, who writes books about fashion. They both do a lot of things and are pretty busy ladies.

Today was the first day of the three days long prearranged trip and since I do not have any time for blogging I will get back to stuff later in the blog. This first day was about getting to know eachother. We visited the Dries van Noten exhibition att the Louvre but also, Svenska klubben and strolled around Paris, visiting the house where the first YSL boutique was situated. In our freetime some of us hijacked chanel and dreamed of being able to afford anything. My wallet allowed a selfie in the mirror.

Camilla and Karina has great knowledge of fashion and delivers history with great entusiasm and humor.

Goodnight Paris and Chanel.


Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens and editing done i Lightroom.

HH7A1619 HH7A1621 HH7A1623 HH7A1625 HH7A1626 HH7A1633 HH7A1634

Karina Ericsson Wärn

HH7A1641 HH7A1645 HH7A1656 HH7A1662 HH7A1677 HH7A1684 HH7A1685 HH7A1701 HH7A1713

Camilla Thulin

HH7A1718 HH7A1722 HH7A1724-2 HH7A1733 HH7A1737 HH7A1745 HH7A1750

Chanel selfie

HH7A1755-2 HH7A1782 HH7A1786HH7A1812 HH7A1823

Camilla Thulin


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