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La vie en rose

I never thought the famous song by Edit Piaff was named ”Life in pink”. Not sure if Paris is so pink but here are my first ”photo-day” of my stay in Paris.

It is the Louvre, Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe and the dashing Eiffel tower. Will get back with text when I get my energy back. Now it is off to bed.


Photos of me by my mother, the rest is of course mine. Shot with my Canon 5D Mark iii and my Canon lens 24-105 + my new! Sigma 50 mm Art lens.

HH7A1137-2 HH7A1143 HH7A1155 HH7A1163 HH7A1164 HH7A1168 HH7A1173 HH7A1179 HH7A1188 HH7A1221 HH7A1223 HH7A1230 HH7A1246 HH7A1250 HH7A1255 HH7A1258 HH7A1276 HH7A1280 HH7A1282 HH7A1287 HH7A1292 HH7A1297 HH7A1304 HH7A1308 HH7A1309 HH7A1315 HH7A1332 HH7A1335 HH7A1340 HH7A1354 HH7A1357 HH7A1369 HH7A1381 HH7A1392 HH7A1411 HH7A1420 HH7A1434 HH7A1435 HH7A1447 HH7A1462 HH7A1503 HH7A1507 HH7A1563 HH7A1581 HH7A1588 HH7A1604 HH7A1609 HH7A1614


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