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Luxury – vintage clothing and fabulous food in Paris

Today I have prepared a massive photopost for you. Today was our second day on the trip and we had som much fun. We went food- shopping, luxury shopping, to a monestery, had Asian food, walked the gallery distrivs, continued shopping (looking for vintage shopping) and so forth.

The day had its highlights and must point out the hat the Karina Ericsson Wärn bought as one of the highlights, as well as when Ingmar tried out vintage underwear at a vintage market.

We also made a quick stop at Hermes, where I found my new future to by all stuff with pattern, Equator (in French). The new Hermes butique lies in an old bathing house in Paris.

In Le Bon Marche, a shopping center, I bought some Dior make-up and got beutiful bags to carry it in. Did a quick selfie in the bathroom of Le Bon Marche, as well as group selfies in Hermes and other vintage store.

Enjoy the photos!


Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens. Edited in Lightroom.

Photo of me shot by Ingmar
HH7A1835 HH7A1836 HH7A1840 HH7A1848

The girls at Hermes, from left: Lena, Kristina, Helen and Elisabeth. (hope I got the names correctly).


Me, my motger, Elisabeth and Kristina at Hermes


Madelen, who got a Hermes ”how to knit your scarf” for free and a luxury bag.

HH7A1858 HH7A1864

Camilla Thulin och Karina Ericsson WärnHH7A1867HH7A1868 HH7A1871

Inside Le Bon MarcheHH7A1873

Le Bon Marche – Dior- selfieHH7A1882

Karina in her new fashion creation that according to Karina, will be the next thingHH7A1891 HH7A1896

Karin, Elisabeth, my mother Inger, Ann-Marie, Ingmar and LenaHH7A1901 HH7A1906 HH7A1912 HH7A1917 HH7A1919 HH7A1921 HH7A1924HH7A1932 HH7A1936 HH7A1947 HH7A1951

Ylva and ElionoraHH7A1954

Very fashionable vintage entusiasts, Ann-Marie and IngmarHH7A1956

Photo by Ingmar: I manage to close my eyes. My outfit of the day: Vintage skirt from Beyond Retro, sweather from local store in Paris (similar to H&M), necklace from Odd Bird and glases from Ralph LaurenHH7A1962 HH7A1973

Ingmar later bought this undergarment pants.HH7A1975 HH7A1982 HH7A1983 HH7A1985 HH7A1992 HH7A2006



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