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Way Out West- Icona Pop and Outcast

Yesterday came with nice weather, good food and the Icona Pop and Outcast concerts. I must say that I liked Icona Pop the best but I think Martin definitively favoured Outcast. Well, Miss Jackson was a highlight but Icona Pop was on fire throughout the concert. To have that amount of energy!

Thanks for all the food discussion yesterday. Think I have to highlight this part (environment vs. meat at Way Out West) a little later in its own post to do it justice.


Canon 5D Mark iii, 50mm f 1.8 Canon lens.

Photos of me alone, taken by Martin Benitez. Photo of me and Martin together, taken by Emma Söderberg.


HH7A7856 HH7A7855

HH7A7862HH7A7841 HH7A7864 HH7A7866 HH7A7895 HH7A7901 HH7A7907 HH7A7916 HH7A7924 HH7A7925 HH7A7928 HH7A7936 HH7A7943 HH7A7948 HH7A7959 HH7A7965 HH7A7967 HH7A7972 HH7A8005 HH7A8006 HH7A8009 HH7A8012 HH7A8033 HH7A8034 HH7A8042 HH7A8045 HH7A8053 HH7A8059 HH7A8072 HH7A8092 HH7A8095 HH7A8128-2 HH7A8111


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