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Way Out West- And it ends with confetti!

Now I am back home again after a long weekend in Gothenburg, having nice hotell breakfast and watching different artist. Yesterday we saw the hip hop artist Linda Pira with Ladies, until yeah, until we where soaked into the bones with Swedish summer rain, ending up in a return at the hotel where we where staying and later going back for Veronica Maggio and Robin & Röyksopp.

And yeah, the other day I we where interviewed by expressen, a Swedish newspaper, and mum so nicely put the photo on her instagram account to be viewed here. I managed to snapshot the interviewer and as well post it on my instagram here.

Will be back with a short film from the festival, maybe tomorrow or whenever I have the energy to edit it (not my favorite thing) as well as some deeper reviews of the whole thing for future travelers and festival visitors to dig into. Have a nice weekend, now I am off to bed! Ciao!


Canon 5D Mark iii, 50mm Canon lens (f 1.8) and editing done in Lightroom. Photos of me taken by Martin Benitez.
HH7A8143 HH7A8144 HH7A8148 HH7A8160 HH7A8161 HH7A8172 HH7A8199 HH7A8201 HH7A8204 HH7A8223 HH7A8244 HH7A8258 HH7A8263 HH7A8286 HH7A8287 HH7A8289 HH7A8292 HH7A8311 HH7A8336 HH7A8346 HH7A8348


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