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My portrait drawed by Gustavo Caballero

I´m still blushing, can´t get the fact that a child on the other side of the world drew a portrait of me! It is such a honor. When I found it in my normal blogstream this morning I just took the computer and hugged it. It´s so God damn beautiful and I love it. Thank you so very much Gustavo Caballero and Estela Caballero, blogger with the blog 4utu.

This is me in the eyes and pen of Gustavo and what I think is the photos of Estela! 🙂


And the process.



The funny thing about art is that it is subjective, but when I saw this kids drawing of Rihanna, I just knew- It was me in the form om Rihanna! Apparently my love where shown through my comment and Gustavo drew my picture. This is going to be the best profile pic ever. Facebook and all social media, here it is! 🙂

(The pic of Rihanna and others will also be found on the blog by Estela.)



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