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Martin talks of Astrid y Gaston

Me and Martin recorded a movie about his work at Astrid y Gaston and here it is. I got the idea from my friend M. R, a bloger, who wanted to know more about Martins work.

The photos are taken of Martin with his Nikon Coolpix and is showing a dinner Martin was invited to by Gaston himself, also shown in one of the photos together with Martin.

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.


    • Jo, hade inte tänkt film, men photojournalistik. Men det skadar ju inte att öva sig på det mesta, man vet ju aldrig var man hamnar..

  1. I didn’t reblog it because I have zero success with reblogs. But I posted about it, with a link. 🙂
    I LOVE it ! – and I also love the meal Martin had with the boss: it is Swedish charm that gets him that? – I don’t think many restaurant kitchen slaves get to dine with the boss … [grin]
    Thanks, by beautiful friend !!!

    • Well. I think all the foreign, as u called them kitchen slaves, got to dine with him in another of his restaurants, la mar which also make the world 50 best restaurants. Inthink it was an honour though 🙂 oh good. Posting about it might get me publicity. Best i hide inside from now. 😉

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