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Café Louvre

Walking slowly up some early 20th century stairs, the atmosphere that strikes you is Paris, movies, romance and early 20 th century it-people feeling. At the time modern and hip and today yet again modern and new.

It is said that celebreties as Einstein and Kafka were here but this doesn´t need to be said since the feeling is like walking into a movie anyway, making the most humble tourist feel like a star.


For the smokers Prague is different. I prefer that people don´t smoke inside, but when walking into Cafe Louvre, I don´t mind that there still is a smoking side in the restaurant. It just adds to the already great atmosphere.



The Cafe Louvre is a cafe with waiters. They are dressed properly and quickly serves us the ten minute cava we have time for. Me and my travel mates Daniella and Nicoline is on a schedule. We have to try the cava, and fast. Stefan, the guide we have with us tell us that it is expensive, so a bottle is out of the question. When we get the bill we almost laught out loud of surprise. 60sek or 7- 8 dollars for 3 glasses of cava. For a Swede, nothing! And with this atmosphere included in the price, basically free.

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The pink atmosphere is contagious and we giggle for a while before running from the place. Pleased to have seen a bit of history. Pleased to have experienced some romance without our husband and boyfriends.

Cafe Louvre – 

ADDRESS – Národní 22, Praha 1, 110 00. Old town.

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Thanks to Czech tourism for arranging the trip. And thanks to Monika, who suggested the place!

Photos are my own.


  1. wow, the photos are beautiful!! They really bring out the glamour of this place. Now I regret not having taken any photos (with the exception of the delicious hot chocolate) when I was there, haha.
    And you look like you totally belong there :))
    I’m really glad you liked it!

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