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The cost of backpacking by train in Europe

During the summer me and Martin backpacked for 3 weeks in Europe by train. We traveled 2 weeks by train and 1 week on boat.

Before the trip we checked out Interrail as an alternative to get the lowest price for our travel but in the end decided to buy ticket by ticket. This is the cost:


Price for interrail excluding booking/reservation fees, about 360 euro for Martin for 22 days (21 years of age) and 760 euro for me.

22 days total – 1120 euro

10 days within 22 days total – 281 euro + 588 euro : 869 euro

Grythyttan to Copenhagen –

Our first stretch was from Grythyttan to Copenhagen and within our home-country and therefor not included in the interrail ticket.

These tickets costed us 1200 sek/ 127 euros for two and took us from Grythyttan to Örebro, from Örebro to Mjölby with Tåg i Bergslagen (Trains in Bergslagen) and then from Mjölby directly to Copenhagen with the Swedish high speed train SJ X2000.

Read more about the stretch in the post: Trains in Bergslagen – from Grythyttan to Copenhagen

Cost: 127 euro



Copenhagen – Hamburg – Berlin:

For 178 euro we got a non refundable second class ticket to Berlin. This is the first we payed that the interrail ticket should have covered.

This trainroute took around 6-7 hours with a change of trains in Hamburg and included a 45 minutes ferry ride (with train!) from Rödby to Puttgarden.

Read more about the stretch in the post: A Hamburger in Hamburg

Cost: 178 euro


Berlin – Munich – Venice:

The train (CNL 40463) left Munich at 23 late evening and arrived in Venice 08.30 and costed 218 euros for two.

Read mora about the stretch in the post – A Harry Potter night train from Berlin to Venice

Cost: 218 euros


Venice – Vienna – Ostrava- Krakow:

After a week at boat and spending some days in Venice we hopped on the night train from Venice to Vienna. For the somewhat large cost of 354,60 euro we got ourself a sleeping cabin for four, two bottles of water, a pillow, blanket and breakfast.

Train – from Venice St. Luzia to Vienna. In Vienna we changed train to Ostrava and then took the bus from Ostrava to Krakow.

Read more about the stretch in the post: Train from Venice to Krakow – sleeping like a baby, having breakfast as an Austrian

We took the train from Krakow to Warsaw but I never wrote down the price. A fairly small sum for the 2-3 hours trainride.

Cost: 355 euros

train travel

Warzaw – Gärsnäs:

From Warsaw we took the night train from Berlin to Venice for the small sum of 115 euros.

Read more about the stretch in the post: Skåneland

Cost: 115 euros

Gärsnäs – Grythyttan:

The last stretch of our ride is not included in the interrail ticket and costed us 1253 sek per person, 2325 sek two persons. 

Cost: 247 euros


Interrail: (excluding home country and extra fees for night cabin, booking fees and more) 22 days total – 1120 euro, 10 days within 22 days: 869 euros

Without interrail (only outside Sweden) all included: 866 euros 

My conclusion is that it in the end were cheaper to go without interrail. If we had gone by train more we most likely would have benefited from traveling by interrail but with few stops it was cheaper for us to buy one ticket a time.






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