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Some travel dreaming at TUR

Yesterday I visited TUR – mässan in Stockholm with Martin, Jeanette and her guy David. The TUR fair is a travel fair where travel companies, hotels, tourist boards come together and show what they have to offer to the traveler or travel interested.

The day was spend hearing travel stories and doing the quiz ”Jorden Runt på 21 frågor”, a smart initiative from the TUR people since we had to visit almost all stands to be able to answer the 21 questions. Either way we did and now we are hoping to win a weekend in Warzaw or other nice prices on the list.

The first travel story I attended was about Peru and I got to re-live photos from there. The second about Cuba and central america. The stories where told by two travel companies, which in away was a pity since it focused on their package trips to peru and central america, . I would have rather heard stories from actual travelers and see their experiences. But I guess that this is also why I prefer blogging and arringing my own trip even though package trips have their advantages.

The people attending was older than I though and the listeners of middle age or older. But I also guess that they are the main target group from travel companies and package travel.

Sri Lanca and China had the biggest stands, should I interpret that this means that they are the up and coming travel destinations or that they have the most money? hard to tell.

I learned a lot from the quiz and now know where the equator cross Africa in more detail as well as I seriuosly took a look at a day trip fishing in the archipelago of Stockholm. I spoke with the guys at Glasriket (Småland) and about Kosta Boda Art hotel, something I gladely visit in the future. A lot of this costs a lot of money but I also spoke to the stand that had information about a car road called Utflyktsvägen, close to Stockholm, suited for one day trip in Sörmland. For the (money)- limited traveler as me this is a great alternative for exploring Sweden when living in Stockholm.

I got a travel book called ”Äntligen Vilse”, written by a travel journalist. I took an extra example which I am aiming to give away to my readers later. Have to prepare a small competetion/give away and that will come later.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys. If you want to take a look at TUR the fair is going on today as well.



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I got the tickets for TUR from the PR Agency Prat PR, Many thanks for the opportunity to attend the fair. The text, photos and opinions are as always, my own.



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