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my first red carpet event

Tuesday I headed home around 15 o ´clock to attend a evening mingle event that my friend Helena was invited to. I was her plus one.

We met up at t-centralen and had a short break at my place, changing clothes before heading to Strandvägen for some sort of a mingle event. Without knowing how nice an event it was gonna be I remember saying to Helena before ”Are you sure we should attend this, isn´t this some sort of extravaganza event”. Well, nice is always better we concluded and went, getting a small chock when seeing the red carpet rolled out on the street when arriving.

Welcomed we had a nice evening with champagne and small dishes with cod, shrimps, salad, chick-peas and more. Christian ( arrived a little later and we laughed and talked about the possibility of winning one of those trips that they gave away during the evening. I am still a bit confused on what I was doing there.

The evening was hosted by La Mamounia in Marrakech, a luxury hotel voted to be the best hotel in the world this year. I can only dream to be able to stay there one day, it might be if I marry rich then..


Photos shot with my Canon 5D Mark iii and my 50 mm Canon f1.8 ii lens.





stockholm_la_mamounia-19 stockholm_la_mamounia-21stockholm_la_mamounia-22 stockholm_la_mamounia-24 stockholm_la_mamounia-25



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