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the passport.

In times like this I find it hard to write about some specific things. The passport or as in Swedish short ”pass” is one of them, due to the meaning of the word, ”to pass”, something some are aloud to and others are not.

Being a Swede, you can consider yourself lucky, at least when passing customs around the world. Even though I had some minor misshappenings as triggering an alarm of some sort in USA and taken in random controls I have never experienced any real trouble or even been stopped and not aloud to pass.

I am always careful with my passport and keep it in one specific pocket of my bag when traveling so I won´t misplace it. Even though I am careful it is always a constant fear lurking that I will loose it or even worse, break it. It is connected to the lurking feeling that one of those days I will be stranded and will there be anyone there to help me. Nowadays I keep my passport in a passport cover I got from my mother for Christmas and in a travel documents bag where I keep both the passport and the train tickets etc. Both the cover and the bag has a map on it and Martin has checked it out, looking a bit envious. Yesterday I attended an event I am gonna tell you more about tomorrow. At the event I got a goodiebag, and guess what, it held two wallets and two passport covers in leather. One orange and one brown. I have been thinking about buying a set for Martin and now I gave the brown one to him and suddenly I am a very popular girlfriend again. Both the passport and Martin is happy and I feel like have gotten at least one adult point by taking so good care about my travel documents.


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