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Let me introduce you to my new neighbourhood

When you think you are gonna end up in the periphery you won´t be disappointed when ending up closer to the city core. But when taking a walk and having this view, and still living in a city, you feel pretty amazed.

Let me introduce you to my new neighbourhood.


Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii and Canon 24-105 mm wide-angle lens.

Settings for the front cover photo, 24 mm f5,6, 1/320 sek and iso 320

stockholm_danderyd_kevinge stockholm_danderyd_kevinge-3 stockholm_danderyd_kevinge-4 stockholm_danderyd_kevinge-5 stockholm_danderyd_kevinge-6 stockholm_danderyd_kevinge-7 stockholm_danderyd_kevinge-8 stockholm_danderyd_kevinge-9 stockholm_danderyd_kevinge-10 stockholm_danderyd_kevinge-11 stockholm_danderyd_kevinge-12 stockholm_danderyd_kevinge-13 stockholm_danderyd_kevinge-14stockholm_danderyd_kevinge-2


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