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Cruise – Brindisi to Katakolon and the Olympia architectural park

Monday 15th 18.00 – Tuesday 16th 12.30

Distance Brindisi to Katakolon 250 nautical miles

Getting back at the ship after some hours in Brindisi we take a nap. The weather is warmer than expected and leaves us tired and thirsty. It gets warmer the further east we travel, starting with a 27 degrees in Venice to a 34 in Izmir and hence the longer the nap.

By now I have a tourist cold due to the AC making me a bit more tired than necessary with weird lung capacity. In the evening we have some Italian food and talk to our waiter Zuki. He tells us how the crew works and that he works on a MSC boat in Argentina in the winter. 

During the night we enter another time zone and forward the clock an hour, making us wake up late, exiting the boat an hour after making port. We hop on one of the MSC buses to Olympia, this time costing us 23, 90 euros. On the way to Olympia we pass abandoned houses and garbage on the Greek countryside for 45 minutes before arriving, starting a discussion of the economy and how garbage is collected.

The archeological site of Olympia is from 776 B.C. Martin and I walk around the site on our own without a guide mostly due to the extreme heat and that I can’ t focus on more than one thing, namely taking photos. On Machu Picchu we used a guide but it was mainly Martin who listened, I asked the guide for the best photo opportunities instead. At olympia I got an hour to take photos for myself and that was a pleasant hour. Might study up on the site when back home but in the end, I like the visual aspect of a site as much as the historical value. 

For those who is wondering what am I talking about, Olympia is the same as the site where the Olympic games once begun. Walking around the park you can check out the houses of the important people and where they lived during the games, the actual arena where you can walk and compete if you like. A bunch of Americans raced in the 31 degree heat. No one can blame them of being shy at least. A fun fact is that they still are doing archeological work in the park. 

After strolling the site we also took a stroll in the botanical garden close to Olympia with old pepper, lavender, apples, olives, myntha, lemon melissa, pomegranate and more.

At 11.45 in the morning the bus headed back to the boat and we were of to Izmir.


Photos shot with Canon EOS M3 and 40 mm pancake lens ed in lightroom



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