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Cruise – Katakolon to Izmir

Tuesday 16th 13.00 to Wednesday 17th 15.00

MSC Magnifica continue it’ s journey towards Turkey and cruise the Greek islands.

After getting aboard at In the Katakolon harbour Martin and I sleep for an hour and then have lunch. Making it to the ship 13th floor restaurant during lunch time is a plus since then a big and very good salad is served. We spend some time at the sun deck having a banana split and a mohito, yummie. The maintenance continue while at sea and during our sanbath the crew repaint the balcony.

In the evening we have dinner with Josefin and Maja and it is theme gala, time for your nicest clothes. The food that is served is Italian or Mediterranean most evenings but the courses shift.

The morning when going out in Izmir we wake up at 8.30 local time, walking of the ship at 10. At most stops Martin and I have walked to the city centre, and so also at Izmir. We start by walking to the Historical Coal Factory – a 500 m walk. This might not be so long a distance but the temperature in Izmir is 34 degrees. On the walk back we head to the Alsancak train station. On the way we accidentally step into the wrong building, a mosque, and a man praying comes running towards Martin. At the train station we fell pretty amazed, the 19th century station is lovely and I must say that I love trains and train stations a little extra. 

On the other side of the road St. Johns church is placed but during our stay it isn’t open. We directly head for some shopping at Kibris Sehitleri Street – a main street. Martin buy a book – Animal Farm by George Orwell and a hat to protect against the sun. 

Before heading back we find a cafe with wifi and have a couple of Efes while uploading some posts. 

Walking along the shore watching fishermen and the ocean we return to the ship. 


Photos shot with Canon EOS M3, 40 mm pancake lens 




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