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Miss Voon

 Monday Caroline, Markus and I visited Miss Voon, one of the F12 – groups restaurants in Stockholm. With high expectations but not so much knowledge we took the bus to Stureplan for a seven dish course of Asian fusion food.

Writing anything interesting about a restaurant is somewhat difficult. I haven´t much knowledge of the Stockholm food scene (even if I am aiming at getting some when moving there this summer) so this will be a short post of my main impression of this restaurant.

Situated at Sturegatan 22, close to Elite Eden Park Hotel. You can book online. For the price of 750 sek (around 100 dollars) you will have a seven dish tasting menu, excluding wine at Miss Voon.

Getting there I got my food adjusted for being vegetarian, still having fish and shellfish. The waiters where professional and polite and we didn´t have to wait on the food even though I got my menu adjusted.

If to have any complaint, this would be that some of the dishes tasted less then the others. Maybe I should have been told in what order to eat them since some where strong and others not so much. This ended up confusing my taste buds a bit to much. This is my only complaint and I would still recommend anyone to go there everyday of the week. I am exited that restaurants nowadays have so much better standard in Sweden. Today it is okay to have high expectations and to have personal demands. I love that.

Have a great weekend guys!


Photos shot with Canon EOS M3, 40 mm Pancake lens, walking home from Miss Voon Monday.



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