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Making syrup from spruce shoots / granskotts – sirap

Yesterday Martin headed to the forest to collect som spruce / gran to make some syrup. Getting back home he started the process.
 I´m enjoying more and more when Martin is working the kitchen. The process in itself interests me. This time though, I fell asleep in the middle of the process so two of the photos from the end result is Martins own, the third and the forth from the end. Enjoying that Martin now know how to use my Canon EOS M3, at least on fully automatic 😉
First time picking Martin thought he picked the wrong spruce (in Sweden we have toxic ones called idegran/ yew). In the end this wasn´t the case after calling giftcentralen (tox centre) and we learned that idégran look different. But you need to pic the spruces in the forest and it is your own responsibility that you pic the right kind. If you are unexperienced, ask people who are experienced.

Recipe for one jar

  • 1/2 l spruce shoots
  • 1/2 l sugar
  • 1 lemon
Mix the ingredients in laps of spruce shoots – sugar –  lemon. See below pictures.
Will be back with the end result later, is estimated to take 1 – 4 weeks according to Martin before the Syrup is ready. Then it is just to sift the syrup.
IMPORTANT – Be careful if pregnant or if having any other medical conditions. These are picked directly from the forest.
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granskottgranskott-2 granskott-3 granskott-4 granskott-5 granskott-6 granskott-7 granskott-8 granskott-9 granskott-10 granskott-11 granskott-12 granskott-13
Important information: You need the land owners permission to pick the spruce shoots / granskotten.
Shot with Canon EOS M3 and Canon 40 mm Pancake lens, edited in Lightroom. All photos are mine, except the two shot by Martin, third and forth from the end.


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