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My photobook Vi äter och vi lagar


For Christmas I decided to make a photobook for my family and friends and give them all the same present. Martin helped checking language and launch ideas, but basically it is my doing. It took me five days to do (a bit long I know), approximately I worked on it for an hour or two every evening so overall it took me maybe 5-10 hours.

Today I decided to share it with you and shot the above photo in the kitchen while at home alone.

At first I didn´t have a clear idea. It started out as something else and then turned into what you can see on the above picture. I used the photo service Photobox in cooperation with Ica foto.

The photobook is about food and travel and features photos from Martin and my time in Peru and the summer in Grythyttan last year. It contains some recipes I also shared on the blog (some of them), like Kimchi, Picante de Huevos, How to make chiliflakes and others. But mostly it is a little short story of Martin and my foodyear last year.

To check out the photobook: click  here

I am satisfied with the quality for the price. The colors of the book when developed is very good which surprised me.


Behind the scenes from today..
fotobok_photobox-2 fotobok_photobox-3 fotobok_photobox-4fotobok_photobox-5

Photos shot with Canon EOS M3 in raw and edited in Lightroom CC.


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