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Roadtrip Grythyttan – Bergen – heading from Sweden to Norway

Roadtrip Grythyttan - Bergen


What was first suppose to be a weekend in Berlin, turned out to be something else. It became a roadtrip in Norway

Mum and I are heading out Wednesday morning having a five day busy schedule.


  • Grythyttan – Oslo, passing Karstad, the car cemetary of Töcksfors/ Båstnäs
  • Oslo – Bergen , passing the touristroad of Haugastol and Eidfjord
  • Bergen – Lillehammer, passing the touristroad Aurland – Lardalsoyri
  • Lillehammer – Grythyttan, heading home

Since I do not have time to post any posts on the blog during our trip I have prepared some time-set posts about photography, travel and food. Now it is only packing the bag and some fika and soon I am off! 🙂



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