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Eastercandy in Sweden

The candy tradition in Sweden dates many hundred of years. Gustav iii i suppose to have fancied nougat and dated earlier, sugar loafs was one type of early candy. If the vikings ate any candy of the more modern type (with sugar) I do not know, maybe some readers do?!, but any way, candy has a long tradition especially around easter.

Especially popular candy around easter in Sweden is the drage eggs, which is candy with a sugar coated peel in the shape of an egg. The tradition of eggs was introduced with the easter bunny that came from Germany with the candy industry. I if you want to know more, check this link.

Maritn and me took a stroll to the store to by some easter candy yesterday on Good Friday. We bought an egg and to much candy (feel stuffed still). No kids came knocking on the door yesterday or the day before so get to keep all the candy for myself I guess. 😉



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