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My new year resolutions- develop photoskills and traveling

1. Shoot more photos. As my phototeacher said. Don´t overthink. Just point and shoot.

2. Travel. I will engage in travel as much as possible during 2015. Will write more about my plans later but at the moment aiming for a weekend in Berlin, Backpacking by train through Europe and Medeltidsveckan on Gotland. That is to say, the first six months of the upcoming year. I will of course try the most sustainable way that I encounter and will travel my own backyard as much as possible.

3. Try to find peace even if life is stressful at times. I think that I have reached that age where you realise that you neither will be thinner or will be free from a stressful environment. With the risk of sounding like a women magazine- learn to control the stress and let goof the non important stuff.

4. Develop photo and writing skills. Have learned so much this year. Now I am looking forward to a year with more photography and writing. It is necessary to take a leap of faith.

5. Improve networking skills. With a year behind me since I started travelblogging I will focus on developing my networking skills.

Well. That is my modest new year promises to myself.


1. Build a portfolio. I want to build a portfolio with all my best photos. My aim is to start taking paid work whenever I can. I have a couple assignments booked for this year. So looking forward to that. But at the moment I always go ”don´t look to close on my blog, it is just a blog, not a portfolio”. Well a blog is basically the portfolio of ones life so..

2. Post once a day. I normally succeed on this one.

3. Clean up the closet and do better categories. This is a resolution I am working on all the time, something most bloggers have on their conscience to do. Let´s face it, most of us have neither structure nor logic categories on the blog.



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