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New Years Eve.

This years New Years I spend in cosy clothes and with Martin, my mother and father. We did the rutine, which basically means food, champagne and fireworks in Sweden. Used my flash for once and are kind of satisfied with the results on the food photography. Took a selfie in the mirror and I like the result on the dust. Check it out in the below picture.

Last post was my new year resultion. This is the last post of the former year so now I am looking forward to the new year. Tomorrow is back to work. Today I clean, have lots of coffee and cinnamon buns and eventually will play videogames (Assasins Creed), when my boyfriend let go of the playstation.


The photographer


The food



The table


The drinks


The fireworks

The family


The end.


Canon 5D Mark iii

Canon 24-105 mm lens

Canon Speedlite 320 EX



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