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The archipelago of Finland – a Scandinavian exotic paradise

Who need to go to South Africa when you have the archipelago of Porvoo/Borgå in Finland?


So close to Christmas it is necessary with dreams of warmer places or times, I think. It seem to be more and more common that people flee the country and run to Asia or the Carribean during Christmas. I have no traveling plans at the moment so well, I dwell among travelphotos on Pinterest. Unhealthy you may think but I like to believe that the mind needs some rest at moments, that it needs to dream of long summer days and not so dark summer nights. This post will be just about that, the summer light and the exotic view from a Scandinavian country in the form of a travel destination you ought to go to during next summer.



Before traveling to Finland I was unaware of the archipelagos of the Scandinavian countries and what treasures they hold. Of my time in Porvoo, the archipelago was the best experience and therefore so close to Christmas I travel back with this post. The post is also to serve as a guide and to read other bloggers post about the same experience, check out for example Fantasiresor and the her post about her time in the archipelago of Borgå, ”On the hunt for my inner Finn in the archipelago of Borgå”.

Our trip (in the archipelago) was prearranged by the professional fisherman Martin Tillman, Pellinge, in collaboration with Travelhouseporvoo who are the tourist board of Porvoo, whom arranged the whole week in Porvoo. Martin Tillman arrange archipelago safaris in Östnyland and as said in the end by Sofia on Fantasiresor ”next time there will probably be a sealsafari” I can not more than agree, next time there will definitively be something like that.


Our first stop of the day in the archipelago was on a small island, part of the recreational areas of Porvoo. The weather when we arrived was fantastic and surely made the experience even more worth your while. All the bloggers ran all over the island, shooting photos of eachother. I wrote an entire post about the other bloggers with photos of them from the archipelago, check it out here. There where fantastic opportunities with clear water and sunny skies, shooting reflection photos as well as panorama views with sailboats and glittery water.

We had our lunch on this island, something that was included in the experience with Martin Tillman and then continued to another island (part island) where we just looked on the surroundings. The last stop was the stop at Martin Tillmans own house where he had prepared some fish dishes as well as Finnish desert. Before eating we did what all Finns do, some Sauna-bathing. I where in Finland in September and I must say, Österstjön (the baltic) was a bit chilly. That didn´t stop our Brasilian bloggers who probably where the ones that spend most time in the water though.


 Important threes before entering the archipelago

1. Use a safari/ prearranged trip like this one with someone as skilled as Martin Tillman, who knows the good places and can tell short intriquing stories around the dinnertable. A promise of 100% succesful travelplanning.

2. Warm clothes. It was a bit chilly on the boat in the archipelago, above all windy. Bring a scarf.

3. Bring extra batteries for your camera. Oh my GOD I have many photos from this little exotic space in Scandinavia.


I wish you all a merry Christmas and merry travel planning for the upcoming year!




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