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A sunny December walk before heading home.

Now finally Christmas has caught up on me. I am heading home to family as I have been all other Chistmases. Am counting presents in my head as we speak. Important not to miss anyone. Martin made som fudge wednesday and when we are back we definitively will cook more. I mean, Martin will cook and I will take photos.

Yesterday me and Martin went for a walk in the sunny weather. It was astonishing. Sunny and happy weather, I wish that it was more of what that came from.

All Sunday will be a long drive home, around 300 km´s on small roads. Will be back at work in January and hopefully I will have had much fun by then.



HH7A5008 HH7A5009 HH7A5011 HH7A5012 HH7A5028 HH7A5032 HH7A5046 HH7A5050 HH7A5051 HH7A5055 HH7A5058 HH7A5059 HH7A5078 HH7A5079 HH7A5116-2 HH7A5122-2 HH7A5124 HH7A5131 HH7A5136 HH7A5137 HH7A5138 HH7A5144 HH7A5161


Canon 5D Mark iii

24-105 mm Canon lens as well as Lensbaby lens

Edited in Lightroom

Photos of my taken by Martin. All other photos is taken by me.


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