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The instagram page of a chef.

I usually don´t give much tips about other peoples instagram pages, or blogs either, more than the ones I really love. The tip I am now about to give you is a personal favorite, , Why is that then? Well. It is simple. It is Martins instagram account. The instagramaccount of a chef. And why do I love it?

It features a lot of my photos ..

When I skimmed through Martins photos the other day I realised, Oh!, I have taken some food photography throughout the year. It haven’t been any focus of mine but anyway. A lot of the stuff me and Martin do all days is food related. What better is that food is an enjoyable photoobject in so many ways. When you get it right it looks wonderful. When you get it wrong it looks horrible. So the only thing that remains is practise, practise and practise.



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