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A pasta made in kitchen-heaven – with salmon and fennel sauce

Last week Martin created a masterpiece when cooking. I felt like it came from kitchen heaven. You know that feeling right? Sometimes you just love something. But maybe you shouldn´t trust me on the other side, I add sugar to my pasta. Just sayin’ ..

Well, to get to the point. Martin made pasta with salmon (we eat that a lot in Sweden) and fennel sauce. Fennel (fänkål) is a favorite of Martins and he also add this ingridient to his desserts.

Now I just got back from my monthly meeting with the photoclub and managed to blackmail him into giving me this recipe..


Canon 5D Mark iii, 50mm Sigma lens, editing done in Lightroom


The recipe

(as described by Martin)

The sauce

Onion and fennel

Cut the onions into small pieces and the fennel into very thin slices. Fry in oil.

Add cream and white wine or white wine vinegar.

The rest

put pasta, gravlax (raw spiced salmon), scallion and chives together with the sauce as seen in the picture.

Done and done!

Happy cooking to you all!



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