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Food- Picante de Huevos


Made some Picante de huevos today. This simple recipe is my favorite of the week and I want to share it with you.

Today I used: Sourdough bread, eggs, sugarsnaps, cream, salt, chili, garlic and oil

The recipe for the hot eggs comes from my boyfriends aunt Elia in Peru, she used to do it for us when we where there but then it was different and tasted different due to the the fact that they have other ingredients in Peru.

This is how you do it:

1. Heat a pan and pour some oil in it

2. Add chili and garlic (we use some dried chili Martin prepared) and fry it

3. Whip up some eggs with some cream (or milk, water) and some salt

4. Put in the pan together with the spices

5. Fry and stir at the same time. Don´t fry more than about a minute tops

6. Put on plate and fry the sour dough bread and the sugarsnaps in the same oil for a couple of minutes, until the bread gets some color.

7. Voila´- take a photo and serve, preferably on a good looking plate. Our blue ones are my best photo – china.







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