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Portraits and a swamp.

Continuing learning portrait photography and especially taking my own, I headed out for a walk to find a spot today.

I probably took me an hour to find one, you might think it isn´t that hard, but eventually after heading through a marshland of mud close to home I found myself in the center of some birches. And birches makes great photo background!

After shooting probably 200 photos it got dark. In the heat of the moment when shifting space I dropped my self-timer and hade to run around like a crazy person to find it again. Eventually got some nice potential photos for my ongoing project as well, so it was a totally okay shoot.

Now back home enjoying Sunday evening with some episodes of Reckless.


HH7A3526 HH7A3550 HH7A3553 HH7A3562 HH7A3576HH7A3687


Canon 5D Mark iii

Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art lens

Editing in Lightroom


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