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When the seasons shift- warm weather and falling leaves.

November is here with all it´s rain and darkness. The Swedes open up their wardrobes, bring out their ”middle-thick” winter garments and light candles, hiding under a blankett hoping that this winter will pass as soon as possible. Others run around in joy, soon the snow is here and then you know that Christmas is coming.

Photo taken at the 25th of July by the lake close to our house. On the photo you can see nettles that sting.


M-R, a fellow blogger who lives in Australia pointed out that why not share more photos from Sweden to see the season shift. And yes, why not. But to see the change I think we need a recap. Because what is the seasonal shift really? I dug up some photos that might work to see some of the shift and wrote spontaneously about it, more from personal knowledge than true facts, so please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.



Summer in Sweden is between June and August, this July being the hottest ever. The forest is green and it is possible to walk around in shorts or without a sweather as long as you avoid the mosquitos. In some places, like Grythyttan, there is an ever ending green.

You can hang around on the beach or have nice picnics. Choose yourself. The lakes and forest of Sweden is free to hang in and around due to the concept Allemansrätten, the possibility for everybody to enjoy nature. The best thing about Sweden is that there is no dangerous lake animals or tropical weirdness in them, the only thing that Sweden suffers from is the tick and that it carries deceases.


20th of July- the beach of Torrvarpen, the lake next to our house.


In August the climate shift and what Swedes call ”rötmånad” arrives (dog days, translated by Google translate). The weather is moist and perfect for bacterial growth. The mushrooms start to grow and happy mushrooms pickers head out in the woods trying to find the perfect chanterelle place to brag about to co-workers. I prefer taking photos of the mushrooms instead of picking them or eating them, mostly due to the fact that there is deadly mushrooms in Sweden so you need to know what you are doing.


This photo was taken at the 24th of August in the forest close to our house (maybe a 15 minute walk).



When September arrives so does the fog. At least it did this year. In september the temperature drops and the morning is a bit colder compared to the days. For an Aussie this means much much colder. Actually the difference between morning temperature and day temperature is pretty big and the days can become crazy hot (compared). Swedes who are use to this waits a second or two before putting on their warmer jackets due to the saying ”Man ska frysa in vintern och svettas in sommaren”, loosely translated to ”You should freeze waiting for the winter and sweat waiting for the summer”. It is preferable since if using your warm jacket now, you will be super cold in December.


Photo taken the fifth of Sep on my way to the bus catching a student from behind.


Late september the weather still can be fantastic and normally the first frost arrives somewhere around the shift between September and October (I guess this depends on where you live in Sweden, it is a long country).


23rd of september. A close to ground photo to catch the fog/frost in the grass of our garden.


”Early october oh early october.”

Suddenly one day the leaves shift color. It just happens. Even though that it has gotten colder around this time, Brittsommar arrives, a phenomena named after Britt, the namesday-child on 7th of October where the warm weather phenomena occurs. At some points it gets around 20 degrees Celcius.


9th of october – strolling the streets of Grythyttan, passing the church.

Late october it shifts again and the grey boring depressing weather arrives. Folks get tired and look at eachother with dead eyes at work, knowing that we are in for the long long winter.


Grey foggy lake outside Hällefors (around 20 km from I live) the 25th of october.




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