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My photoguide to Paris

I don´t have so much to say about Paris due to the fact that I´ve only been there for 7 days in my life, but since I took a lot of photos during my travel I also reflected upon great and not so great photoplaces. Here is a list.


1. The Eiffeltower


My mother and I went there twice. The tower is probably my favorite place and a the best photoplace for me. If ever back in Paris I will go back. The tower turns golden in the sun and leans like the Leaning Tower of Pisa with my Canon 24-105 mm wide-angle lens.

The park by the Louvre, Tuileries Garden


Fantastic light and isles with white sand makes the photos great. The park is big so even if the park is filled with a lot of people it is possible to find a spot to take a shot or two by yourselves. The park has green chairs to use as well and in October, not so many people visits the park so you will have more chairs than you need.





The view, the cosyness and churches.

Graveyards- Montemarte and Pére Lachaise



The graveyards in Paris was something special and equally interesting photowise.



The Hermes – shop


If you are allowed to take photos.. the Hermes shop close to Le Bon Marchese is an old bathhouse and have awesome decor. Me new favorite pattern from Hermes is Equator and if I ever marry rich I will definitively revisit this store and pic up an ash-trey, bag or scarf as well.

Normal Parisian streets


To much traffic which leads to no good composition in most cases, but in some you get more lucky even if you get to compete with more then one scooter.



Notre Dame


You might wonder why I put Notre Dame in the bottom of my list. Maybe it doesn´t deserve to be in the bottom when I took some of my best street photos here like the one above. The reason is that the church itself is to crowded, to touristy. You might be lucky in front of the church or on the side, maybe.. inside it is to crowded and have cheap machines where you can by a coin with Notre Dame on it. Some love this, some don´t. I don´t.

Arc de Triomphe



To much traffic for any camera to succeed. Might work if you go here super early and are lucky with clear skies. Cloudy and cars everywhere. Not that fantastic.

Most of Paris is though a fantastic photo opportunity, a town I will go back to and plan where I will go taking my photos now that I know more. Planning is important, I always do it spontaneously when traveling with friends due to the fact that they are not so photo interested as I am and only interested in the tourist things so I know what I get anyway. I might consider seeing stuff that are not top ten and go for less touristy instead to get the opportunity to shoot some shots without ten other photographers taking the same photo even if I don´t really have a problem capturing the same image that ten thousand persons have caught the same day.

For me photography is not always equal with originality or trying to be the first one to shoot something. For me it is shooting what I like and at the moment, travel photography is the number one favorite of mine.


More written about Paris on my behalf- Hotel Eldorado- Paris and The cemetaries of Paris.


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