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All yellow everywhere- When the leaves shift color.

This week is all about autumn in Sweden. It is now it happens! The whole world turns into a yellow cake with some early morning frosting.

I know you love autumn pictures and strolled around Grythyttan the other day when the sun and the weather was perfect. Grythyttan is such an amazing plaze, I can see that now when I edited the photos.

Enjoy the atmosphere and have a happy October everybody!


Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm canon lens L-series, edited in Lightroom

HH7A0880 HH7A0882 HH7A0886 HH7A0895 HH7A0898 HH7A0901 HH7A0906 HH7A0909 HH7A0917 HH7A0919 HH7A0927 HH7A0935 HH7A0938 HH7A0949




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