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Go to the post and look at a collection of all photos from my Lima visit.

Terrence is a professional photographer, working at different projects. He runs the blog Terrence Jones- A guy with a camera as a side project. Take a look at his blog and projects while your at it!




Lima, “she stunned me.” by Katarina Wohlfahrt. 

A few weeks ago I came across Katarina’s blog, which is a very nice mix of writing and photography. After spending quite some time on her blog I asked her whether she would be interested in doing a guest post and she agreed. So enjoy her story of Lima – and don’t forget to check out her blog. — TSJ

It is interesting how hard it is to be a photographer sometimes. I mean, when it comes to choosing among the photos you have taken. Most times I just bring them all.


Terence, or for you who know him as “a guy with a camera”, asked me if I couldn´t do a guestpost on his blog with my travelphotography. “Sure I said”, without giving much thought to the major task of dealing with thousands of photos taken over a time of three months.

Doing my long South America trip any justice I decided to go for one story about only Lima, and then travel outside Lima in other posts if I get the time and place, since I also visited Machu Picchu, Nasca and the fabulous marina Paracas, where I took some great photos of the Andes, the desert and ocean along the way.

When first arriving in Lima, the city completely stunned me. At first I saw all the dirt and garbage, but later also the colours of the houses. After three months I only saw a diverse city, so much more than just the famous area of Miraflores.

It is a strong statement, bursting out “I love Lima”. It feels too much American for a Swedish soul like me, but saying that I have strong feelings for her, is the closest to truth I can come.

The magnificence of the historic centre of Lima is something that grew on me. The first time visiting these parts I only were stressed out with all the people and protecting my expensive camera. After a while I relaxed and it was probably by then I could make the city justice and seeing it for what it was through my lens; a stunning city of great magnitude.

For me the city shows her best side in black and white photography, I realized one day when editing. South America on the other hand, probably does best in colour and is famous for it possibilities of colour photography. It is a colour paradise for photographers who love multicolour buildings and strong architecture. The colonial sites of Lima have put much yellow to the city, found in the historic centre, but also all shades of pastels is to be found everywhere.

For the traveller, the historic centre and Miraflores might be the only part visited. Most travellers we met never had much time in Lima but instead visited the more famous sites such as Machu Picchu. But going outside the centre is preferable since it is here the actual Peruvians live. If just staying in Miraflores, you could basically skip Lima altogether and visit any other modern European or American city instead.

If I ever get the possibility of going back to Peru I know where I would go and it would be the crowded historic centre that would be honoured by my visit. The second thing would be stuffing my mouth full of alfahores, the Peruvian deserts are world class, and the third would be listening to the city sound, where the guy riding the bike delivering bread would see me standing in the corner of the street looking at him, filling my lungs with the atmosphere of being back in an amazing country, full of colours and joy.



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