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How does your summer look like?- the respons.

I got such wonderful respons that I decided to write a little about what everybody responded on the post, How does your summer look like. People are doing such amazing stuff this summer that I almost got jealous.

A lot of blogger travel, also during the summer. It is a shared interest om mina of course.

One of my favorite bloggers on sustainable living is going to Hungary, from Sweden. How interesting isn´t that? Not very many travel there and I really wan´t to know how that is like. Am expecting updates during the summer.

Another blogger lives abroad, in Thailand. Have been to Thailand once and I am envious on the guy living there, since it is an amazing place. The almost green water, the thai food and the calm atmosphere is really something nice. It isn´t hard to understand why it probably is the Swedes favorite travel destination. Well, maybe it is because it is cheap as well.

And one is going to Scotland and her summer cabin in Blekinge as well as one that live in Scotland and are staying there for the summer and just ”eat a lot outside”. Another is going boat- backpacking in Greece and to the mountains in Sweden and to ”just be”. An experienced travel couple that only write about traveling decided to stay home for the summer, building on their house boat before going on a one year trip around Europe in their camper.

A couple living in Chile pointed out that they have to wait a while for summer since it is winter there now. It is funny that you so easy forget that it is different seasons around the globe even though you just gotten home from a long trip to the south where you where adjusting for autumn and wintertime at the moment with all what that entail. Good that someone can remind you, every once and a while.

A lot of people in Sweden also seem to stay in Sweden and travel around here. This seem like a good idea, something I myself am inspired by and are copying by going to Gotland, Stockholm and Gothenburg for the summer, at least. Grythyttan itself are very nice during summertime why a lot of time also will be spend here.

Since we got home Martin has planted some chili seeds, to be correct Aji Limo and Aji Amarillo, which hopefully with any luck will be harvested and turned into delicious Peruvian cusine in the autumn. Will keep you updated on the development in the future.


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  1. Having worked in Upsala in March and April years ago I can understand why some people prefer to stay in Sweden. It is a beautiful country. I’d like to return to experience what summer is like. Even though it was a bit cold, spring was wonderful.

    • Yes. through a sustainable lens it is also preferable to stay within the country since, yes I am going to say, not possible to travel sustainable otherwise, basically, if you don´t have a lot of time and travel by train. So I like it. I think travel your own backyard is going to be the new thing. 🙂

  2. Can’t help feeling he could’ve put more seeds in, and thinned them out to more pots ! [grin]

  3. Lasse Tollemark says

    Och som det ser ut blir jag också kvar i Afghanistan under större delen av sommaren…men det kommer ju alltid en ny 🙂

  4. Lasse Tollemark says

    Vi jobbar på, andra valomgången om en vecka pecis. men jag hade två veckors leave hemma och det var skönt att träffa familj och vänner och koppla ifrån mentalt ett tag…

    • haha. Det såg du ja! 🙂 Jag valde att inte länka till alla faktiskt denna gång, tänkte att herre, det blir ju länkgalenskap med så många svar. Det var roligt att alla gick igång lite på hur sommaren kommer bli eller vad man ska göra under sommaren 🙂

  5. Lasse Tollemark says

    Ja det är runt tre månader och det kan bli mera, beroende på hur valet utvecklas…andra valomgången på lördag. Såg att du varit i Vimmerby…var allt sig likt? Du längtade inte tillbaka till arbetsfärmedlingen 🙂

    • Nej, längtar inte precis tillbaka. Vill ha nya utmaningar och det ges få tillfällen för det nuförtiden på arbetsförmedlingen. Men om jag får nya utmaningar så kan jag mycket väl vara nöjd. Har mest tröttnat på ”att det kommer att bli bättre snart” eller ”vi har fått nya riktlinjer” grejset. Arbetet blir omöjligt. Logiken är liten. Att arbeta under sånna förhållanden säger jag bara.. Se denna!

    • Absolutely. This isn´t my most recent post though but yes, I think bucket lists encourages others to do the same and maybe also taking the step to explore and travel.

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