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My masterthesis: Reporting on environment

The practical part of my masterthesis is finally done. It has it´s own webpage, which I of course also created.

CLICK HERE– to get to the page.

I will add one article at a time over the next days/week as well, since I am so proud over what I have accomplished and also wan´t to use it as a portfolio in the future.



  1. Good heavens, Katarina ! – a whole new site, as well !!! Amazing and marvellous ! I am so jealous of you youngsters who can write Masters theses in this fashion, rather than submitting merely pages and pages of type. Oh, how much more interesting for the markers !!!

  2. I am interested! Will read everything when have more time. My question is about profession: you go somewhere, you find a problem, do you have to suggest a solution? Best marks to you! 😉

  3. Congratulations. It must be a huge relief to hand in your thesis. I am sure it will be well received.

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