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A short trip to the center of the county, Örebro

I live in the south of Sweden, in a county that is called Örebro, if I haven´t mentioned this earlier.

Arriving in Sweden after 3 months in another part of the world, you see how big the differences are but also that it is not that big a difference. Am I confusing?

Today me, my mother and my partner in crime went to Örebro, to let my mom of to take the bus back home after getting us at the airport yesterday. Sweden isn´t so big, but there is still 3-4 hours by car to the airport in Stockholm so she decided to stay over.

Arriving in Örebro the weather was fantastic, and yes, Sweden have great weather in the summer. Fresh air and hot summers are something that have become more common. If the change is of bad or good origin, who knows, Climate change or not, Örebro was shining.

The city is recommended for tourists visiting Sweden. There is a lot to see in Sweden, not just in Stockholm, but in other parts as well. In Örebro there is the castle, shown in the pictures, but also the old city of Wadköping (which I myself havent´h seen yet, bad bad bad resident) and also the vintage store, Vintage Gamla Gatan and a nice Myrorna second hand. Sweden is big on second hand and in these stores, it is easy to find something you really like and make a bargain while doing so.

It is also more environmental friendly to travel within your own country, since the fumes from the planes are the biggest concern when traveling, something I will explore more this summer by going to Gotland and Gothenburg. I also think that I will plan some trips to the north and maybe visit one or two of the objects on the World Heritage List in Sweden, if possible.

I didn´t manage to go trough the entire 10 things to go in Lima list, but will continue to write some posts on some of the places I actually did visit and post a list of my own. There is still some post remaining about Peru, I promise. But right now, I am glad to be back in Sweden, enjoying the possibility to drink the water right from the tap, without the taste of chlorine and risk of getting sick but also being able not to lock the door on the car when driving and worrying about being robbed.

Great to be back Sweden.


Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens and editing in Lightroom. Photos taken today.


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