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The Marina in Parachas, the city of Pisco and Ica

Promised I would be back with photos after phone-blogging about the two days. Here it the first load, showing the marina in Parachas and the city of Pisco and Ica.


Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm EF Canon Lens F4 IS USM L, no photo editing
HH7A1585 HH7A1586 HH7A1592 HH7A1595 HH7A1597 HH7A1606 HH7A1611 HH7A1616 HH7A1629 HH7A1636 HH7A1662 HH7A1673 HH7A1681 HH7A1689 HH7A1692 HH7A1700 HH7A1703 HH7A1707 HH7A1740 HH7A1750 HH7A1752 HH7A1760 HH7A1762 HH7A1766 HH7A1776 HH7A1777 HH7A1780 HH7A1781 HH7A1788 HH7A1792


    • Thanks. There is a lot of birds, pelicans and normal etc, but actually I like the photo where they are sitting on their rock, the rock is all white with birdpoop. Lovely. One bird actually maneged to poop on my camera. haha 🙂

  1. Vilka härliga bilder, de får det att suga i min restarm! Jag kanske dyker upp hos er!

    • Ja visst är det allt bra härligt att resa. Det är bara att planera en resa till Peru och sticka. Finns otroligt mycket att se.

  2. Good-looking but fairly stroppy pelicans; amazing sand sculpture; that short jetty-thing growing out of the side of the mountain (covered in birds) – must be for fishing boats, but I can’t work out where it leads to !; very first frame – depressing !; good-looking but also tired-looking Katarina; Martin’s hair growing too fast; lots of fur seals or sea lions (can’t tell) … You had a full day !!!! 🙂

    • haha depressing? You don´t like the pelicans? The tried to bite Martin. Really funny. They are like trained for tourist kind of. They are given fish and hang out on the beach. The sand sculpture is a nazca cousin of some sort. The jetty thing? Not sure which this is. The half bridge the birds is sitting on? Well, out on the Islands, I think there where some sort of reserv, natural/marina reserv where people actually work. Not sure what they use the high bridge for though..

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