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Nazca forth and back, managed to get plane sick and then wen´t to Huacca China

(Blogging from the phone, photos taken with my iPhone) – photos of nazca will be posted later. We started the day super early. Left the hotel Posada del sol. Very nice stay for a very low price. The hotel was close to plaza de armas in Ica Peru, costed 40 sol for 2 persons (93sek, 14 dollar or 10 euro) and had both shower, comfortable bed, wi-fi and gave us 2 soaps which we now brought to the new hotel in Huacca China, the oasis outside Ica.


Martin walking the empty streets of Ica, 6 o clock 20140504-191010.jpg

On the way we bought some fruit. (Sunday morning)


Staying to eat at a blue restaurant returning from Nazca- photos where taken with my DSLR so will post some during the week. The blue restaurant is in Ica, and probably have a name of which I am not familiar with.


This is the oasis Huacca China sprung from the legend of a crying princess. Today a backpacker miniparadise where you can eat, sleep, sunbade, swim, climb the desert hills or go on a drive on the dunes or head down the slopes on a board. Me and my partner in crime, kept to climbing one hill on foot, took about two sweaty hours late afternoon and gave us a fantastic sunset and high speed jumping photos.


We stayed at a hostel/hotel in the oasis named Salvatierra, build in 1935. Room for married or unmarried committing a sin as we do, costed 60 sol. But then we had private room and shower in that price. The hotel also had wi-fi, but this didn’t work for us when we where there. There where also a pool which we took a late night swim in. In the morning we walked across the oasis and had some fantastic American Breakfast, so nice since we have been having the Sopa Seca for two days before. The Sopa Seca is no sopa, but a stew, pasta and meat dish which is the food that originate from the food brought here by the african slaves a long time ago.


On the way home we had iscream with e.t and studied up some on the health benifits of ice cream.



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